Cyn French Blog Series

Hi, Cyn French here

As a healthy lifestyle expert, and owner of Ft. Collins and Loveland Nutrition by Max Muscle, I want to introduce you to my professional team of nutritionists, certified nutrition coaches, and fitness trainers.

We are RESULTS focused. Leading you and our community to peak health is important to us. We look forward to being your partner!

Best and Success,

— You Are Important To Cyn —

At Nutrition by Max Muscle Ft Collins and Loveland, we have a “passion” leading communities to create healthier lives – which we know you care about too. Our business values are integrity, ethics, good communications, honesty and trust, and fun! Being your trusted health professional business is what she and her team strive for daily.

Nutrition by Max Muscle Ft Collins and Loveland is locally owned and operated by Cyn French, a healthy lifestyle leadership expert and inspirational speaker, a C.S.U. undergraduate and M.B.A. Daniel’s College of Business, DU graduate. The team of professionals on her staff are certified and degreed nutritionists, certified nutrition coaches and fitness trainers. Having a strong professional team is important to Cyn’s values of genuine honesty and trust, especially when leading something so personal as people’s success in health, fitness, and athletic goals. Many people ask Cyn why she chose this type of business? Nutrition by Max Muscle changed her health in 2013 when she looked in the mirror seeing someone seriously overweight. As a business Executive for 25 years, she realized she’d lost her core values of health, she was working 24/7, traveling frequently and was overstressed and low on energy every day. A friend recommended Max Muscle and the inspiration began. Her friendship and business partnership with the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center guided her with body composition, healthy eating patterns, and daily fitness guidance. Max Muscle added important nutrition supplement and education to continue her daily path toward health. Getting the most nutrition into her body and changing her metabolism, was key. She significantly changed her lifestyle routines – as a busy executive and began influencing others as they saw her results.

With Cyn’s background of food production, she learned first-hand from Max Muscle’s U.S. scientists and team about its uppermost nutrition standards in the industry. It sources nearly all ingredients here in the United States; for that reason, and the fact that Max Muscle has never had any products called into question, can validate its label as 100% true and it surpasses quality standards in the United States, spoke volumes about the honesty and integrity of the U.S. based company. Not only is Max Muscle a 25-year brand of the highest quality, but it also is focused on family, community, health, and ultimately changing lives – core values of Cyn. She is committed to leading people to their peak success in health and fitness.