WHERE’S THE LOVE: “G-Friends” – Keeping Love in Your Heart

“G-Friends” – Keeping Love in Your Heart

Preamble: The Power of G-Friends

I get my ‘TUDE’ from…. well, pretty much all of the women I am related to” I often encourage the females in my life to keep a ‘TUDE” in life because we need it!  Ha.

There are soo many benefits of G-Friends (female friendships) from emotional support and identity to healthy communications, self-esteem and validation. My beautiful daughters, their babies and sisters are my first line of G-Friend validation followed by a few crazy, close women friends.  They remind me, FREQUENTLY, why humor is healthy in our lives by telling the same dumb stories and laugh about it every time!!  One such story occurred on a Saturday.  My Ex was pushing on me, AGAIN, because everything wasn’t just perfect.  My task was to drive to the bank Saturday morning before noon to deposit my monthly check (I had been traveling out of state on business that week and was exhausted.  Saturday morning for me was an important time of family and recuperation).  After making a large breakfast for the family and finishing some household chores I quickly raced to the bank to make the deposit before noon.  With 5 minutes to spare, I drove to the drive-up window, placed my driver’s license, and check in the drawer and waited for the teller at the window to return the drawer with the deposit slip.  Instead, she took FOREVER looking at what I set in the drawer and had such a CONFUSED look on her face.  Finally, she said, “what am I supposed to do with this?”  I was so stressed and thought, “what a dumb, INCOMPETITENT question for a bank teller.”  I said, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?”  She again said, “Miss, what am I supposed to do with this?”  I responded with a REAL attitude… “SERIOUSLY?  I need you to deposit it before noon.  Aren’t you open until noon?”  She said, “yes, but I can’t deposit this here.”  I said, very snidely “WHY NOT?”  She said, “Ma’am, this is Walgreen’s!!”  I slide down in my seat, pulled on my baseball cap to hide my face and just started laughing!  (Wells Fargo was one building south of Walgreen’s.)  I apologized quickly, said an “AMEN Lord” – she doesn’t know me and will NEVER see me again!  I looked at my watch and still had two minutes to make it to the bank!!  G-Friends give me so much support and self-esteem and importantly, helps me keep humor in my life — fostering more self-love.

Overview: An Invitation to More Self Love

In the previous blogs, you read about brokenness, walking onto the plane to Uganda, trekked with gorilla’s, crossed the Indiana Jones bridge, found the need for speed, went to the tattoo parlor, was grounded by my adult kids, made it through two years of hell, spent the last days with my sweet Mother, and consulted with “THE Italian Gladiator.”  But all these experiences had the results of making life’s break-ups into life’s transformation, while finding love within my heart, AND the importance of G-Friends.  

Life’s break-ups happen frequently, but the volume of them doesn’t make it easier. The volume does, however, make them relatable. They are usually always painful, freeing, confusing, or all those feelings and more, wrapped up and spun around in any given moment.

The most positive way we can view Life’s break-up’s, however, is in the concept of letting go of one thing in exchange for another, a better one. For many of us, we get to a point in accepting the Life break-up as an invitation to more self-love.  G-Friends are the first to remind me about the value of self-love.

Don’t we feel exhilarated when we get on the other side of our life’s break-up’s?  We begin to have hope of a bright future.  I found fun again through the “G-Friends” in my life – daughters, grandbabies, sisters, Mother, friends!  Once we find our self- love, it feels so good that we hold onto all those feelings and we then have an opportunity to reflect on what we want to do next. I spent A YEAR writing and rewriting, ON THE WALL in my house, what mattered most to me – God first, family time, friends, health, and fitness, love and FUN – Living my passions. I shared these wall writings with my G-Friends many times over.  They engaged in deep discussions helping me arrive at a new life transformation.

One such deep conversation occurred late night at Martorano’s Italian restaurant in Vegas with 3 of my crazy G-Friends.  It was hilarious because the waiter kept circling around our table to try to hear the G-Friends conversations, stories, and explanations about the male species.  I will say this… “what’s told in Vegas probably better stay in Vegas!” Ha!  

What will bring you your best health, living your passions, keeping love in your heart vs. anger or fear, humor every day – FUN?  Maybe we finally feel ready to train for that next phase in life?  Maybe we decided to get revenge by looking better than we ever have?  Whatever our reasons for falling away from our passions or the things we really enjoyed, you can now make a choice to begin again. That’s the beauty of Life’s breakups – bringing us back to our values.

Final Thoughts

With love in your heart.…just maybe…. “the girl gets the guy, G-Friends help keep you sane, good prevails over evil, there’s a moral to the story, you live out your passions and oh yeah, you get more “TUDE”!

“Everything we do in life is a lesson and life’s break-ups are not the end. I have no explanations for my life’s break-up’s and no longer question it.  Just live it. Feel it. Feel worthy. Feel love.”  

I hope to inspire a commitment for gravity and adrenaline, humor, seeking passion in life and reject negatives for the sake of your health.  At Nutrition by Max Muscle Max, my team and I invite you into our Ft. Collins and Loveland stores for face-to-face community, helping your health foundation (My respected brothers and sisters of other Max Muscle Franchises in the U.S. are there for you too).

(These short stories are about everyday triumph, humor, inspiration, and health stirring you to do what it takes to help your internal, beautiful YOU.  Your health and wellness are important to me.  I dedicate my personal stories to Olivia and Tere, my beautiful daughters and their babies….to women, mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and g-friends…. to men, fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, and M-friends.  And to my Christian mentors Jolene, Bonnie, and Gary).

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