WHERE’S THE LOVE: “After Hours With Mr. Max — Body, Strength, and The Tingle”


On Friday night, 7 p.m., one of my nutritionist text me a boomerang video of her lifting weights. Little did she know that I was also at the gym across town, lifting. Seriously folks – two beautiful, single women lifting at the gym…. on a FRIDAY night! I immediately sent her a return video of me lifting, with the message “We are really SICK women! We should be out on a date with a HOT, HOT man versus in the gym on a Friday night! Ha”

Over the past two years engaged with a total life transformation, I realized how critical body strength and nutrition are. This is a precedence I set that is now rarely interrupted in my life – my choice and lifestyle. When you think about it, life can be so busy with many interruptions DAILY, persuading you away from the very activities which builds your bodies strength. For me, my priority time is after work, thus “After hours with Mr. Max” (and working out with Max Muscle pre-workout – like Tritor, Max CarnoSyn and Max Nitro 2 — – awwwww, the T-I- N-G- L-E and the extra pump!)” Between the re-energizing music (Pandora’s Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Disturbed), the pre-workout beverage, and self-gratifying feeling from working out – the tingle and extra pump is well worth that Friday night lift… Just sayin’…. come on get your Mojave back friends!!

Daily interactions with a team of body buildering, fitness competitor advocates, is beyond exhilarating…. we support each other and advocate for each other daily…. they are true athletes. We talk about the “code of the true athlete” who cares for each other’s successes and challenges, helps to push you, and inspire you, shares their knowledge and learnings in the gym and out of the gym…. Can I just tell you how much fun we all have together? And the people we strive to inspire and lead each day, helping them to accomplish big goals… Wow, life doesn’t get any better than that!


Recently 3 of my team and I were in Las Vegas for a high-level nutrition conference (Vegas…. darn, someone had to attend!). We flew out of Denver and Landed at 10 p.m. By the time we picked up our bags and Ubered to the Hotel, it was 11 pm. Guess what the four of us were looking for? Yup… a GYM. After three attempts we finally found a 24-hour gym. It’s not easy working out at that time of night but it certainly helped to have support and the same values from peers. Over the next four days of conference sitting, the fun part was experiencing different gyms and various lift techniques with each other. Each had a commitment to make sure body strength was part of their day and mental health. I also made sure we had FUN in Vegas eating at various restaurants, taking pictures of each other and photo bombing others along the Strip and the show JABBOWOCKEEZ…. guess who was pulled up on stage??? Well someone had to be the party planner! So, if you could rearrange your lifestyle what would you commit to (Mine is a lifestyle of healthy business, daily
fitness/good nutrition, laughter and fun, reflection/prayer, and family/friends — – going for the tingle!)?

What Does It Really Mean? — GO FOR THE TINGLE!!

“The Tingle” what is it? I might define it as the values IMPORTANT to YOU including health/fitness and laughter. Why is the tingle so important for your overall health? If you are living your values, chances are you are decreasing stress hormones, increasing immune cells and infection fighting antibodies, releasing more endorphins, and bringing you more self-satisfaction and self-love in your heart.

Final Thoughts:

I advocate for the tingle and keeping love in your heart…. for strength and energy within your body. Even if you experience life’s breakups, body strength and keeping love in your heart will open your world to new beginnings and possibilities.


I hope to inspire a commitment for gravity and adrenaline, humor, seeking passion in life and reject negatives for the sake of your health. At Nutrition by Max Muscle Max, my team and I invite you into our Ft. Collins and Loveland stores for face-to-face community, helping your health foundation (My respected brothers and sisters of other Max Muscle Franchises in the U.S. are there for you too).

(These short stories are about everyday triumph, humor, inspiration, and health stirring you to do what it takes to help your internal, beautiful YOU. Your health and wellness are important to me. I dedicate my personal stories to Olivia and Tere, my beautiful daughters and their babies….to women, mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and g-friends…. to men, fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, and M-friends).


Build Your Health With Nutrition by Max Muscle
Core Strength Foundation Suggestions:

  • Men vitality suggestions:
    • Max Muscle’s 2TX a natural testosterone amplifier, MTX advanced clinical testosterone support, MAX ZMA natural testosterone builder, MaxxTOR powerful mTOR signaling activator, FBX 2.0 advanced pre-
      training formula, ARM anabolic recovery matrix, and others.
  • Base Health Foundation for Anyone:
    • Vitacell – high potency, sugar-free, daily nutrition in a liquid with 13 essential vitamins and 15 major trace and ultra-trace minerals
    • Skulpt – bioactive collagen protein peptides to support overall body composition, hair, skin, nails, joints, muscles, bones blood vessels etc. Anti-aging benefits.
    • MaxPro Protein – super protein concentrates to supply your body with pure proteins.
    • ProBCAA – provide your body with high potency branched chain amino acids, for pre, during and post workouts. Supports rapid recovery and hydration.
    • Fish Oil

Look for Cyn’s Up-Coming Blog’s: rockymtnmaxmuscle.com

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