WHERE’S THE LOVE: “Don’t Turbo Your Girlfriend”

Preamble: Turbo Story

Recently a guide was taking myself and friends on a jeeping tour through the majestic Colorado mountains. His down to earth nature was disclosed soon enough because he told his stories over the course of 5 hours as we drove down the trails.

Joe was a former military Special Operations Forces, “who are the elite commandos of the U.S. military. They are called upon to perform the toughest duties in the armed forces, and their actions directly affect the protection of America’s freedom.” Joe’s demeanor was a person who enjoyed rugged, frigid snow filled mountain living. He was built like a TANK with arms almost as large as “the Italian gladiator. “He also had a girlfriend whom he totally adored.

His story about their first date was told with such intentional raw delight, feeling so proud that he landed this beautiful, very athletic woman, Amy. Joe asked Amy to go snowmobiling as a first date. Something he felt quite confident about due to his Special Operations military services while in Afghanistan through extreme terrain and his exceptional abilities with large equipment. He definitely matched up to the vision of “Macho Man Randy Savage.” So, for him to take a woman he was wanting to impress, snowmobiling…well, it just seemed like it would be “friggin easy” as she would certainly be safe in the strength of his being.

As he drove her through the deep snow filled mountains, she wrapped her arms around him. He drove through primitive paths of new snow. All was quiet with mother nature for the first hour of their ride and Joe had his “ALPHA energy on” with Amy wrapped around him. Unknowingly to both Joe and Amy, ahead was a ravine filled with deep, fresh snow. As the snowmobile hit the ravine, Joe flew off to the side and Amy was turbo’d into the snow ….. FACE FIRST.

Immediately, Joe oriented himself back to his feet desperately scrambling to find where Amy had landed. The whole thing flashed in front of his eyes and his first thought was, “OH MY GOD, I just turbo’d the woman of my dreams…. into a snow bank…. HEAD FIRST…. on our first date!” The story couldn’t get any better than this because Amy was also an extreme athlete. She collected herself, stood up, face full of snow and yelled, “Wah Woo!! That was AWESOME!” Joe instantly fell in love with the woman of his dreams. Joe and Amy displayed energy for life and each other. Their athletic bodies certainly heightened their ability to enjoy their first date together! Ha! So, my M-Friends, why this story?? It’s about energy and keeping your body in shape for that crazy good relationship!


An Invitation to More Energy

Recently, I thought about this story of high energy and exhilaration in life, as I listened to a married friend tell me about her marriage of 32 years. On the outside, I thought it must be so warm, but what she told me was so sad. It seems her husband lost his desire about 10 years ago (in his 50’s), gaining extreme weight, confining himself to mostly TV watching as their intimate activity together. So, she did the same, gained extreme weight, losing desire, yet secretly still yearning to feel that intimacy with him as they had years ago. Wow…. passion gone.

Nothing makes me sadder. When life’s breakups happen and spiral our bodies into unhealthy patterns, how do we keep passion and desire? Keep our health? This is my plea to each of you to fight through it. Find the love in your heart for yourself and change your lifestyle to put health back into your life. What you surround yourself with, is what becomes. Everyday small changes are doable – clean eating, more hydration of your body, daily physical activity, get those darn vitamins in you and move your body. Fill it with every opportunity throughout the day with the best vitamins, organize your day allowing time for yourself first. For the G-Men out there, I have many men coming into Max Muscle quietly asking for more energy and I know what they are asking for (see my recommendations below).


Final Thoughts

“Turbo your life with passion, health and love in your heart.” Just maybe, “the girl gets the guy, good prevails over evil, there’s a moral to the story, you live out your passions, you bring back your “TUDE” and you find your desire again!

I hope to inspire a commitment for gravity and adrenaline, humor, seeking passion in life and reject negatives for the sake of your health. At Nutrition by Max Muscle Max, my team and I invite you into our Ft. Collins and Loveland stores for face-to-face community, helping your health foundation (My respected brothers and sisters of other Max Muscle Franchises in the U.S. are there for you too).

(These short stories are about everyday triumph, humor, inspiration, and health stirring you to do what it takes to help your internal, beautiful YOU. Your health and wellness are important to me. I dedicate my personal stories to Olivia and Tere, my beautiful daughters and their babies….to women, mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and g-friends…. to men, fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, and M-friends).


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