WHERE’S THE LOVE: “Who’s Listening – The Sound of Silence”


For The Love And Health In Your Heart!

In 2016, Immortalized Disturbed did a retake of the 1964, Paul Simon original song, The Sound of Silence. It is so ambient and acoustical. Disturbed, David Draiman uses his edgy, gritty appeal to take us back to that world and “zone.”

If you haven’t listened to Disturbed’s soul stopping moment and powerful song… turn the lights down low, crank up the volume, empty your thoughts and let your inner self go! I DARE YOU… Listen while reading my blog!

Your Moment Is Now – I DARE YOU

I was so blessed to have this “zone” brought back to me a few months back while in the mountains of Colorado…. with the Italian Gladiator. “D” said Cyn you need to listen to this song. (It was kind of at a rather random moment as we were fixin’ dinner together – an Italian dish he was evidently accustomed to making because he took over the kitchen – and I mean he literally took over in the kitchen – ordering me around, SERIOUSLY, I had to peel two garlic cloves! Do you know how small each garlic clove BULBLET is? I was educated by “D” on each bulblet and how to skin it – I don’t think “skin it” is an Italian term, but it’s my farm girl term! Ha)

I had no clue what was about to EXPLODE in my life. So, we cranked up the volume. It stirred my inner soul to full gratification with such beautiful darkness. I couldn’t talk, it took my breath away…. I hid my tears! (the bulblet even cried!) I think his GOOD heart was trying to teach me to not let life go, to find that inner passion and love in my heart. Wow, what a kind gift to give someone, that moment in time.

What does it really mean?

When I returned home, I couldn’t get that song out of my head, so I googled the heck out of it. Some say “it uses the metaphors of light and darkness to depict how people’s ignorance and apathy destroys their ability to communicate even on simple levels or on the spiritual and emotional level with each other. And, that its theme is man’s inability to communicate with man – that it is its most superficial and commercial level (neon sign) – there is no serious communications – no one dares take the risk of reaching out – and finally, the words tells us that when meaningful communication fails, the ONLY SOUND IS SILENCE. The author may have interpreted people idolizing possessions to the extent of creating a shallow culture that CRUSHES a more beautiful simple world.”

Hmmmmmmm. I advocate for love in your heart…. for strength and energy within your every being in your body. Even if the girl doesn’t get the guy, or you experience life’s breakups……love in your heart will open your world to new beginnings and possibilities. Just maybe you ignite love with someone who really loves you…. your strength and health increase to a new level……you find that people around you really do care, that they want you to succeed…. that good prevails, truth and honesty come back to your life, your true gifts of humanity surface, love comes back into your heart.

Final Thoughts:










I hope to inspire a commitment for gravity and adrenaline, humor, seeking passion in life and reject negatives for the sake of your health. At Nutrition by Max Muscle Max, my team and I invite you into our Ft. Collins and Loveland stores for face-to-face community, helping your health foundation (My respected brothers and sisters of other Max Muscle Franchises in the U.S. are there for you too).

(These short stories are about everyday triumph, humor, inspiration, and health stirring you to do what it takes to help your internal, beautiful YOU. Your health and wellness are important to me. I dedicate my personal stories to Olivia and Tere, my beautiful daughters and their babies….to women, mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and g-friends…. to men, fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, and M-friends).


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